Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Josiah's Cookin'


  1. My Austin is 10yo and we are in the ramen noodle, quesadilla and anything baked or microwaved stage. Maybe I should be brave like you and let him actually use the stovetop? It's a gas stove so the open flame makes me a little nervous. Okay, A LOT nervous!

  2. Amen, with having so many migraine problems, it has pushed Matthias and Megan to work in the kitchen a lot more in this last year time. They do well. I will admit though, that they haven't worked with raw meat :D That was brave Ms. Karen ;) I'm glad Josiah did so well. The most meat our 2 work with is bacon. Megan did chicken once with my verbal guidance. :) I love all those smilin faces!

    Ms. Elsie

  3. I have to say, mine are used to cooking outside on the campfire for a few years now. And Daddy lets him help with the grill too!

  4. Yumm...wish i was there to eat it.bahahahaha

  5. Josiah is welcome to cook for me anytime he what's to... Hahahahaha lol jk



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