Monday, May 20, 2013

Creation Museum

                    We had such a good time at the Creation Museum. 
                  The boys had a good time learning about how the ark 
                                  was made and fit together. 
                      There were models of the ark, inside and out, 
                              life size and small scale models.
                          They really enjoyed the dinosaurs too! 
             Ps. I love this bridge. I used to have a video   
             on my phone of the boys running across it. 
           Boaz would watch that video over and over.  :)

                             The petting zoo was a big hit. 
            They especially liked seeing the animals that were cross bred,
               such as a zebra and horse, to show that it's very possible 
                that not all of the animals we know took a ride on the ark. 

                    The cow and Zip were buddies! :o

                  It's always fun to feed the animals

                  Here they are, not too little anymore. 



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