Saturday, December 5, 2009

Congo Times

The Congo is seven hours ahead of us.
Tomorrow, when we are still asleep, Nick and Levi will be at church.
Church in the Congo will be quite different for Levi.
Levi will also be preaching tomorrow, through an interpreter.
He has preached at our church, in the nursing home,
and a church in Arkansas too.
But, surely it will seem quite a change, or, maybe to him it won't.
Levi took candy and small toys to pass out too!
I'm sure his light skin and blonde hair will make a hit.
I am praying he has a good time.
It is a goal of Levi's to one day be able to teach the boys there,
and he wants to make friends too.
I can't wait to see if he's learned any Lingala or French when he comes home.

1 comment:

  1. What a great smile and joy he has! Other children are drawn to that. May God use him for His glory!

    You should be a very proud momma bear, Karen! :)



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