Monday, December 7, 2009

Sunday in the Congo

Levi preached his first time in the Congo. He preached through the interpreter, to the children, about 85 of them. Usually in the Congo services, the children have to sit in the back. They aren't to move or play at all. If they do, the "protocol" will whack them with a stick. Don't have a fit, remember, it's the Congo, not America. And, remember they did discipline here at one time too, and crime was down, graduations up................ I'll let it rest there. Back to the Congo!! These children aren't allowed to come to the altar to pray.
BUT, today the little white boy from America came to the Congo. And that LITTLE boy preached!!! He preached to them! 74 of those precious Congolese children came forward to accept Christ as THEIR personal Savior. They never knew salvation was for them. What a blessing. Our children could open up the way for a whole generation of Congolese to get saved!! Because of the heat (it can get 120*) and his nervousness he got a little sick before he finished. He did recover to pass out the candy he brought for them.
What a blessing to me that God chose to use a little boy from America, to lead so many Congolese children to Him.


  1. That is SO GOOD to hear! I love hearing about young men getting to preach. What a blessing!!! AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. WOOOOWWW!! Glory Glory! That is so exciting Ms. Karen. I imagine you can not wait to get there. Wow how the Lord is using your family. And you have 5 more little preachers!!!! Praise the Lord. It is so worth to raise our children to Love the Lord and to serve Him! There's a good movie about a preacher from Africa. It's called Faith like Potatoes. The Lord really used that preacher, and I imagine if you mention him, Anges Buchan, you'd get some familiar of him. He's not of the same faith as us, but God has used Him in His way.

    Ms. Elsie

  3. Oh wow! That brings tears to my eyes! Praise the Lord!!!



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