Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Another Sunday in the Congo

Another Sunday has come and gone in the Congo. Nick and Levi visited a different church this Sunday, in Kingkoli. The church has a school on the property, with about 300 children. Nick said Levi preached to a "passel" of children this time. When 101 came forward to accept Christ as their Saviour they went over the gospel again, to make sure the children were coming to Christ, not the "mundele" - white man. These numbers are quite hard for me to conceive. Levi also preaches through the interpreter, Telesphore and he was pretty comfortable with it this week. Nick tells me that there are people everywhere. The only thing Levi said so far about the country was, "Mommy, there's so many people". It was extremely hot, and Levi did get nervous, but this week he held strong and finished his message. WOW!!
Then, Nick preached to the adults and 35 came forward for salvation. He said this was a strong church too. Nick said he and Telesphore could've wrung their shirts out a few times!!
Nick and Levi are in Kinshasa, which is the capitol of the Congo. If I remember right it is about the size of New York City. The population is a bit hard to count, but it is recorded as between 10 - 14 million. Many people come into the city to work. Out in the bush, there is no work. In the city, the Congolese are fortunate to make a dollar a day. That will almost feed them. Most live in houses, well, they might call it a house, we might let our children play in it for a play house. They have no windows or doors, only the hole for a window or door. Sometimes it is more like four posts and something to drape over and around it. Although some, with various government jobs or such, do live better. The places are available, just not affordable to the Congolese.
I guess I will have to wait to post pictures till Nick gets back. The government really doesn't like people taking pictures. Its a good way to lose your camera, and pay a fine.


  1. Wow, very facinating. I had NO CLUE there are that many people even in Africa alltogether!!?? :) Praise the Lord. Tell brother Nick that HOT sounds pretty good right now. We have a couple feet of snow, and it's FINALLY above ZERO again. When it gets around 20 degrees up here I find myself saying,"It's so warm today!" Ha ha ha ha.

  2. I am so glad you are posting updates. It is hard for me to comprehend such a vast number of people living such hard lives-- and enduring without the knowledge and hope of Jesus Christ!



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