Sunday, January 3, 2010

fun with friends

Finally an almost serious picture. This is the fish tank at Bass Pro Shop. My children think its a necessary stop on this road! This is Paige and her friend, Cali, daydreaming of a 4-wheeler to play on!

Finally, the pictures I was missing from the last trip. 

The huge tree was just right for getting pictures in front of.
You see my problem getting a serious picture, right??

And of course, we had to take over the play area for a little while! But, it was sooooooooo cold. It's really just gotten cold here, and we aren't quite used to it yet.
Nick is so used to the extreme heat in the Congo 
(it is their summer),he didn't even bring a jacket! 
We had a great time playing together, even if it was cold.


  1. As always, great pictures. Tell Paige and Cali that they need to come up here for our Bible Camp, and they'll play on some quads and all kinds of other monster mud toys. Tomboys up here turn into Tom-mommys, if there is such a term....well, probably not. It's probably from my bush-baby language. But that saying,"Silly boys, trucks are for girls" is very much so here. :D
    Love ya'll,
    Ms. Elsie

  2. Oh, and a BIG Welcome Back Brother Nick and Levi!!! You'll have to post to all us bloggers if all luggage made it an all too.

    Ms. Elsie

  3. I love the pictures...I uploaded to my blog too! You should try and go look:D Thanks again for taking Cali and I...we really enjoyed it!

  4. Babe,
    I am glad I am back with you and the children. I wish you could have been with me. This blog was a great encouragement to me, while I was in Africa.
    Love you more,

  5. I love your post, Mrs. Karen. They are very cute! It's so nice to see all your faces. I miss you all.


  6. We shure did have a good time we had a blast thank you for taking us Paige

  7. I had something to say but forgot when I read your husband's sweet comments to you.

    I pray for y'all daily!



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