Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Where We Are Now

We are finally home from the hospital. Three times a day, I was taking Silas up to the hospital for his antibiotic infusions. After a week in the hospital an orthopedic surgeon did surgery on Silas to drain the infection. He kept some to culture and also did a biopsy on a spot. The cultures did not grow, likely because he had been on antibiotics for a week. The biopsy came back also. It was metastatic disease, a tumor. This cancer grows VERY rapidly. We havent killed it, we were just shrinking it. We had quit feeding it, and we were giving the body what it needed to fight it. When we had the infection in the last port we were not able to do the natural treatments. As of now, he has been without the natural treatments on a regular basis for too long.
His pedeatrition has been a huge blessing to us. After the minimum stay of two weeks in the hospital for antibiotics, we tried to wean Silas off of his IV antibiotics and go to oral. When we took him off the first one and all was well. But, when we took him off the second one he began running high fevers again, 104 or so. His doctor didn't want to keep him from his natural therapy any longer, so he discharged Silas on Saturday, allowing us to get the antibiotics outpatient.
Wednesday he began having sharp, extreme pains. By Thursday mid-morning it was too much, and the oral pain medicine wasn't working. I was afraid of bleeding on the brain also. We rushed him to the ER. They did a CT scan, which showed growth in the frontal region of the head. It is pushing on his optical nerves, and his brain. The doctors said that will cause the extreme pain he's having.
We have called in Hospice. He is doing better with the pain. We don't pretend to understand what is going on. Just three weeks ago he was running around playing like the other boys. We do know a few things. 1.God knows what he's doing. 2.This isn't a suprise to my Saviour! Before Silas was ever born God knew this day was coming. 3.We are not giving up on Silas! My God is a God of miracles. He can do whatever he wants. Which means he can also take Silas from us if he wants. Nick and I are ok with whatever the Lord chooses to do. We do not like to see Silas suffer. We will be fighting for Silas until he's all better, or the Lord chooses to take him to Heaven.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Back to the Hospital !

Sorry for the lack in updating the blog, Karen's computer is down ( it really needs a bullet) and I have been busy with ministry things, so here we go. Silas was readmitted to the hospital Friday the 9Th of October. He has had bad swelling in his right arm from the elbow down half-way to his wrist. The swelling has been fevered and bothersome to Silas. His Pediatrician, and other Specialists have determined he has a bad bone infection. They have put Silas on 14 days of intravenous antibiotics. One huge blessing is the infection is not in his blood. Silas' Pediatrician also has ordered his vitamin bags so he can continue his regular treatments. That is tremendous relief to Karen and I. Thank you to all who continue to pray Silas is doing well despite the small setbacks.

P.S. I will put updated pictures of Silas later this evening. NB


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