Thursday, August 27, 2009

Urgent Request

Silas had a doctor appointment on Wednesday with the pediatrician. We were surprised to find he has gained over seven pounds. It was a blessing!
Also, the doctor didn't realize he did have metastatic growth in his left leg. Now that he knows that, he and the radiologist would like to do a scan with contrast. It is scheduled for Monday morning. We are praying that it shows the tumors on the inside have gone down, like we can see has happened on the outside. We wanted to wait until it had been three months for scans. The doctor, though, needs to rule out potential problems to figure out what is wrong with his leg/foot.
Please pray with us about this scan. As soon as we get results from this scans, I will be posting.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Five Weeks Along

To the left is Boaz after the third cycle of chemo.
To the right is Boaz after five weeks of natural therapy.

The difference was startling to even me.
Thank you to everyone who has prayed, and sent notes of encouragement or monetary gifts to help care for Silas.
All the glory and honor goes to the Lord, our Master Physician!

Monday, August 24, 2009


Silas tumor on his head is shrinking, as you can see from this picture. I remember after the third chemo it seemed enormous (and it was). Paige had a good time just sitting on the beach.
We went to the beach the other day for about an hour. It was mostly empty, and clean. Nick had Levi and Caleb, so there are no pictures of them. My Buddy Buck is a hammy child!!
Silas was feeding the seagulls his sandy snack.

Josiah had fun burying Hunter.
Timothy and Silas were trying to make a sandcastle.

Last Thursday, Silas began complaining of his leg hurting when I would lift his leg to pull his pants up. By Friday afternoon he was limping, and at times didn't want to walk at all. I was concerned he might have sprained it, or worse. Though I'm having a hard time keeping him off of it. By Saturday he was saying his foot hurt. I know it's his foot, because he will crawl around playing puppy on his knees. Our pediatrician's office is opened on Saturday, so I took him in. The doctor wanted us to get a CT scan done (stat). But, you can't do that on the weekend without being admitted (NO WAY)!!! Silas' pediatrician made some phone calls and got it done right away. When my God takes care of things, he does it right. We got the scan done and were out of the hospital in about fifteen minutes. Thirty minutes later the doctor called to tell me the scan showed nothing, the scans were clear. He sounded surprised, and I realized then that he was looking for tumor growth. I am relieved, but now I'm still wondering what is wrong.
A few hours later I realize he said the scans are clear. The scan was from the pelvis area to the toes. He had metastatic growth in his legs. I am left wondering, does he mean no new growth, on does he mean my definition of clear? But it's Saturday and the office is closed. Also, these were preliminary results, though they were read by a radiologist.
I waited as long as I could, telling myself it will wait until I take Silas in on Wednesday. But, I couldn't wait and called the office this morning to see if their definition of clear matched mine. They called me back this afternoon and gave me the same answer. The radiologist says the scan "shows no metastatic growth". They do not know where the tumors were, so this may not mean anything to them.
We still want to get scans in another two months or so, more detailed scans. But, my God hasn't changed. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever!!!


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