Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Before hurricane Issac

We took the day off from school and had a little fun today. From playing at the beach, giving Panzer some much needed exercise, and just hanging out at the house (me painting nails...the boys showing off their muscles)! (:

Saturday, August 25, 2012

*Late* Camera Phone Friday

Our week in pictures!
-We have a great time swimming,
With the summer coming to a close
(that means school is starting lol)
we wanted to get a little
more swim time in. Stonewall was splashing Paige! :D
-The little boys wanted proof that I
took them to the store in their pj's.
Which I technically didn't cause
they didn't go in. But I guess it was good enough for them.
-A selfie picture
-Stonewall has decided to "sign"
his school papers with a self
portrait...notice the muscles! Haha
-MORE swimming! Hunter is standing on Josiah's shoulders.
-The handsome little one of a friends that sat with me (and slept on me) in church Sunday.
-Great clouds! If you can see there are three Army helicopters in between the power lines. Still an awesome sight to me any day!
-Nocturnal visitors
-My three youngest looking good!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Camera Phone Friday

Here's our week in pictures.
1. Stonewall & Timothy enjoying a 
snowcone at the water park.
2. I missed Josiah and his awesome
cooking,  so I was enjoying my
grilled burger & Texas fries!
3. Ball practice has started again, 
I'm enjoying our two hour workouts,
helping the girls condition,
& improve on their skills.
4. Only my boys play "salmon"
on the lazy river. (:
5. Free haircuts from Penny's! 
They like the special treatment, 
I like the break. 
6. We completed our summer
 reading program and the 
boys got their free books! YAY!
7. Banana snow cone ~ yum!
8. Stonewall loves snuggling 
in my fleece blankets. 
Its adorable!
9. Southern pines and a beautiful sky.

I hope to keep up with this every week!


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