Friday, March 26, 2010


This morning something we'd been waiting for was delivered.
We wanted it to be simple, yet we wanted it to be very "Boaz".
I always called Boaz, "my little man".
That is what he will always be.
 This was his favorite shirt and hat. 
He had other hats, (and shirts, really) but he wouldn't wear them.
 Until he saw this hat at the store one day.
I picked it up and tried it on him,
but since it was too big, I put it back. 
He began to pout immediately, but I didn't realize why.
I picked him up and held him, but that wasn't what he wanted.
He took his old hat off, and threw it into the back of the cart.
By now I knew he was mad, but didn't know why.
Finally, I had a bright idea and sent Paige back for the hat.
Boaz immediately put it on and began smiling.
And I bought the hat!  : )
After that he would trade between the two hats. 
He would pick out all of the cars to play with also. 
It must've been the eyes on them that he liked.
Then there was his turtle. 
We went to the Georgia Aquarium when Boaz was nine months old.
Nick got him this turtle and he slept with it ever after.
He turned the turtle upside down and played with the tag.
I love pictures of them sleeping.
They are so sweet.
Boaz was my constant companion for two and a half years.
He was just getting to be independent when he got sick.
After that I lived, to keep him alive.
Having a child so sick puts the rest of your life on hold.
My fight to keep him alive and happy
consumed everything I had.
If you've never been in that situation, 
you can not understand.
I never say I'm tired now. 
Having a large family, schooling them all, 
working in a ministry..............
Now I know that wasn't tired.
Tired has a new definition.
I do not complain of anything I've been through with Boaz.
Many people never have time with their child.
The Lord gave me six glorious months.
Many of those days were wonderful and happy.
I can not thank God enough for being merciful
to me in allowing me the good times I had with my little man.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

a visit in ohio

We have been out of town at a few meetings, 
and had the opportunity to stay with some friends in Ohio.
They have children our childrens ages,
some very, very close! 
The children call them Uncle Tim and Aunt Sandi
and I won't bother telling them different.
One of the first things I did was take a walk, yep, in the snow.
I some places it was up to my knees still!!!
But, I love going for walks, and I really enjoyed it.
I found something on my walk.
Tracks; deer, coon, birds, turkey......
Tracking down south is a bit different...
We all went bowling. 
Some of the children had higher scores than me!!
I told them I needed bumpers.
Here the boys are making sure nothing gets wasted out of the nachos!
Angel and Hunter are only one day apart. 
With so many of us playing, 12 to be exact, 
most of the time we spent waiting.
But we all had a good time.
Sandi curled Paige's hair one day.
And mine, which was a job, because my hair is very thick.
I liked it, and Nick did too, thanks Sandi.
This is what happens when you turn boys out to play!!
Then the temperatures got up into the upper 50's and lower 60's, 
and the snow melted. That left.............MUD!!!!!
We all had a great time playing out, even if it was super muddy. 
This is what is left of the new socks after the snow melted???
I'm not sure if it's best to throw 'em out 
and start over, or try to wash 'em.
Larky and Stonewall were playing basketball. 
No, Stonewall isn't picking, only scratching.
Summer and Paige had a great time thinking up ways to irritate Aaron,
aside from teaching Stonewall that he likes Summer best!!!
Aaron lets Stonewall play games on his I-phone, 
so while Aaron wasn't paying attention,
Stonewall learned how to text and call Summer.
Pretty good for a four year old.
Levi and Jewel hangin' out.
Callandre and Hunter playing.
We had a fun week playing and getting to spend the time together.


Friday, March 12, 2010

Boaz' Birthday

Yesterday would have been Silas Boaz' 3rd birthday.
I miss him greatly, some days more than others.
Some days are ok, and some days I miss him so much it is a physical ache.
But my God is still on the throne, He hasn't changed!!!
A few weeks ago I received this beautiful bracelet from some great friends who live in Mississippi.
It says:
The beads are beautiful, and I love the bracelet.
 Not knowing what was in the package when it arrived, 
but knowing these friends,
I was crying before I even got it opened.
It was a thoughtful and timely gift. 
The Lord used these people to be a blessing to me.

On this birthday there were:
no presents to unwrap
no tiny squeals of joy
no blankies to drag around
no turtle to find for nap time
no scooter racing through the house

But there was:
one more blond haired boy in the presence of Jesus Christ
 walkin on the street of gold
and fishing in the crystal sea
or flyin round with the angels
my little man

Sometimes it's hard to think of my little Boaz "being" somewhere. 
It's so easy to see him running through the house, 
chasing his "Sissy" with the mop
with that smile that lit up his whole face
or that very thoughtful look, like he was pondering something
maybe that devious "Scruggs" smirk when he was
about to get into, destroy something,
tease someone, or he was going to run away
 I can imagine him fishing with Bro Hank
listening to the love story of  the Boaz and Ruth
asking about the animals that were on the ark
and sitting in the lap of my Saviour, Jesus Christ



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