Thursday, September 23, 2010

~football and volleyball~

Football season has begun.
Not just the kind you pull up a chair and watch,
but the kind where you pull on your cleats
and get dirty with the boys!!!
Josiah and Levi have been able
to join a flag football team.
It is the teams first year and 
they have a pretty good team. 
They play hard and have a good time. 
Here they're praying before their game.
Obviously they scored. 
This game ended up 7-14,
we lost by one touchdown.
Even though Josiah is small 
he gets to play a lot. 
He's not afraid of blocking the big guys either.
And the smaller 
boys love to watch,
and dream of the day 
when it 
will be their turn!!

They even take turns
"babysitting" the
little ones.

And then there's volleyball!!!
Paige has been able to play on
 a girls volleyball team.
Here the girls are praying 
before their game.
She is really enjoying this.

Paige has never played 
volleyball before,
but she learns fast
and tries hard. :)

She got the ball, yeah Paige!!!
*serving the ball*

~blasted that ball right over~ 
 and after they won
coach took them out for ice cream
Paige, Ellie, &

The girls
watching the boys game. 

We've had a great time with both sports.
Busy, but loads of fun!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

iheartfaces ~ week #38 ~ Smirk

When I saw this weeks photo challenge
I knew it was one I didn't want to miss.
In my house we have what I call
The Scruggs Smirk
It's a classic, in the family, sort of thing
Boaz and his classic Scruggs smirk 

For more smirks, head on over to iheartfaces

Thursday, September 16, 2010


I have been waiting to take these
pics for a long time.
The first time I drove past
the sun was setting.
I have wanted to be there 
for a sunset ever since.
So, here it is...
* * *
~ * ~
* * *
 ~ ~ ~
 * * *
* * *
~ ~ ~
and I stayed till it was gone...
* * * * *

now for the close ups

~ * ~ * ~
* * * * *
< * * >
yes, it was beautiful

thanks for letting me share with you

Friday, September 3, 2010

paying attention

Sometimes you are just going along, not paying any real 
attention to the details of life,
when something happens that grabs your attention.

Josiah and Levi were getting ready to go out 
and play football with some other guys.
We got them cleats, and they picked their pants. 
They happen to match, exactly. 
When Paige pointed this out to Josiah he didn't even flinch.
He said, "I know, that's what's so awesome about it"!

And I am in the background thinking, YES, YES, YES!!!!!
I realize that wouldn't be the reaction of most kids. 
And I'm thrilled that it is the reaction of mine!  


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