Tuesday, December 1, 2009

To the Congo

Monday afternoon Nick and Levi boarded their flight to the Congo.
They should arrive late on Tuesday night, it will be early Wednesday for them.

I packed, and unpacked. Then I packed again, and again.
I was thinking I was finished, but just in case,
we took a backpack to the airport to bring things home in.
And it had some things in it, in case there was room.
I caught Levi napping on the totes, daydreaming about the Congo.
He must've said, "I can't believe I get to go to the Congo first!"
about a hundred times!
We waited quite a while to get all of the luggage checked.
Levi was very eager to go, but he was patient.
Nick and Levi will be gone until December 30th.

The children got a little bored, but had a good time playing.
Nick is dealing with the airport personnel.

I filled out all the information on the tags,
and the boys fought over who would put them on.

Buddy was full of himself and acting his normal goofy self!
It seems the goofiness affected everyone.
We waited a while for Nick and Levi to go through security.
I had to do a little shopping in the airport,
Levi didn't pack much, and I thought he needed a toy.
Levi was always our monkey boy, so I got him a small monkey,
very soft and furry. So IF he misses me he can hold it.
Then, OH NO!!! There they go.
Did I mention that Levi is only 9 years old???
And that the Congo is in Africa???

I wasn't sure Levi would turn and wave, he was sooooooooo excited!!!


  1. Of course that counts!!! That most definitely beats me leaving my kidlets to get donuts any old day! Just slap me upside the head if I turn into a pansy-momma, okay?

    All I can say is WOW.

    It brings tears to my eyes for two reasons.
    1.) How PROUD you must be of your Nick and Levi
    2.) How :sniff: :sniff: (not quite the word I'm looking for) it is to see such a young little man excitedly set out to conquer the Congo for Christ!

    My mommy heart gets all tight in my chest for you right now, Karen. Especially with that last picture. I'll be praying for safe travels for them and for time to pass quickly (and uneventfully) for you and the rest of your kidlets!

  2. Granma Crunwell has told me so much about little Levi's heart about the Congo. I'm so happy for him, that he is getting to go. What a big boy! :D I like the notes at the second to last photo.."Did I mention Levi's only 9 years old? And that Congo is in Africa?" Makes your heart do a flip flop. That the Lord would put the heart in Levi like that at such a young age. Amen. Well, Praise the Lord. I can't wait to hear his ventures :D

    Ms. Elsie



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