Friday, April 30, 2010

Ohio visitors

Our friends from Ohio came to visit us
we had a great time, and the children..............
We took them to a park, where they played..............
Paige, Colandra, Josiah, Jewel, Lilly (team 1?)
Hunter and Larky in the slide, Angel is in front.

Larky and Stonewall stick together, adorable.
 Mostly they played hide-n-seek,
(half of team 2?)
but they finally started tiring out..............

They are a lot easier to get pictures of when they're tired! : ) 
~ Timothy ~
Caleb and Lilly found a place to rest.
Paige and Summer wouldn't quit taking pics of each other????
And every day they played outside in the yard!
Riding bikes was a favorite.
It wasn't quite bike weather in Ohio yet.
sword fighting

Angel learned to ride a bike "with 2 wheels" as Stonewall says.
 Stonewall learned to ride all his brother's bikes, 
he was being sweet and letting Angel ride his bike.
He couldn't let go of his sword though.

And I thought they might swing on the swing set????????

Little Levi, as we called him, so as not to mix him up with ours, 
was running away to the pond.
 These are my two most "monkey" boys,
when I was their age, that was me.
Mom says my friends would come in 
begging her to make me get down, 
but I just remember being up there.
In a tree......reading a book....doing homework.....

The bike with the little bitty tires everyone loves to ride, 
but I don't see how they do it. 
 One of my favorite pics of the day, 
Hunter James topping the swing set.

~ Larky ~
My other fav. 
We had a great time with them, and we already miss 'em.


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