Friday, September 20, 2013

Summer's ending

                  But not without a protest. 
                Not without exploring.. jumping..

                            searching for shells..
        The beach is relaxing and a great place to recharge. 
                            to discover new things
            to build relationships
A place to let everything stop and focus on the little things for a while. 

      Until next year...I'll miss you

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Summer beach days

There's nothing quite like a lazy day at the beach.

Relaxing in the sand; the gulls crying overhead. 

Did I say lazy?
I was just kidding....
With six rowdy boys haha  
It's more like full bore, petal to the metal
Give me some more. it's not gonna stop
Wrestling, tumbling, talking, jumping...
And it's awesome! 
There does come a time when things slow down. 
Things do have to be built before they can be destroyed. (:
Then a great sunset to top it off while listening to the surf. 
Such is the life...


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