Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Pictures

Paige will be fifteen in a few months! 

Josiah will be 12 in Jan. Its hard to believe!!

Caleb turned 8 this past summer. He is the one that looks the most like ME!!! Lol  :)   
Timothy turned 7 in December. We share a birthday. He is the one that looks most like Daddy!! That's why he is Timothy Nicholas. Hunter is 5 now and I call him my buffalo. He can be quite a bull, he's strong and doesn't realize it. He's usually only a pound under Caleb!!Buddy Stonewall turned 4 on his Aunt Carrie's birthday. He is quite a mess lately. A clown, and has really developed a major personality! We really enjoy it! And here's me! Some people keep insisting that I get pictures too!  :(  Great, couldn't they have stayed little, when any excuse worked??? Yes, that really is MY FSU sweatshirt!Buddy, who says he was acting like Alex??? Thanks Alex, your a great teacher!Pretending to pout!! And he 
knows he's cute! I miss Silas being cute with him, but it sure is great having so many to fill the days with!! Then I think things started getting contagious!!! Or maybe it's just normal boys!! :D  

I could not quit laughing at the boys! They are such goofs. 

And finally a picture of all of us. Nick and Levi are due to return on the 30th from the Congo. I'm sure they will have lots of stories to tell.  

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Sunday, December 20, 2009

not this time

Something in me changed one night in the hospital during Silas' 1st hospital stay. His platelets were low, I was alone, and he was doing badly. He was resting fitfully. I was watching for all of those horrible things they said could happen. He needed those platelets, but they were in Dothan, and wouldn't be there till morning! I cried out to God, fearful that I might lose my Silas. I told myself "I will pray my Boaz through the night". It was as if the Lord laughed at me. I thought, "what?????".The Lord was saying, "you think YOU can do something about this?" And at that point I realized how weak I was, and I began to get a vision for how strong my Lord is compared!
I realized I could do nothing
for Silas Boaz, not on my own, not even "praying him through the night". Because I was acting in my own power, and I needed to rely on the Lord's. The Lord brought to my mind two verses of scripture, Exodus 15:3 The Lord is a man of war, the LORD is his name. That's my Lord, he likes fighting, its all through the Bible. And Exodus 14:14 And the Lord will fight for you, and ye shall hold your peace. God wasn't telling me not to pray, he was telling me to allow Him to do the fighting, and it is so much more restful that way. Of course I prayed through out the night, not just that night, but many, many, many nights to come. I used to think I was tired............... that was before I learned what tired was.
But God was teaching me lessons.
Fast forward a little over five months. We've had some very good times with My Little Man. He felt amazingly good at times. Other times....... he had an infection in his port. Every time we'd use it he would spike a high, HIGH-105* temp within 15 minutes. He went through four surgeries. The infection moved to his bones, very bad. One week he's giggling and laughing, no one we meet can believe THIS is the child with stage IV cancer.The next week we're in the hospital, he quits standing. In my heart I knew the cancer had moved to his bones, but I ignored the advance notice I was getting and pretended it was from the high fevers. The next week he is saying, "I can't sit up." Now, I am very scared. Why wouldn't he be able to sit up??? By then I can SEE the cancer has spread, though I had no idea it was into his precious brain. He was so smart. Its still hard to believe, all that going on in his tiny body, yet he was so smiley, such a good attitude, so unbelievably well behaved!!! Later that week I could sit him up, but he was unsteady.
For some reason I felt the Lord was telling me something different this time. I reasoned, "he was worse when we found out he had the cancer in May", but the Lord was saying "not this time". I cried out to him, I fasted, I begged, BUT the Lord was speaking, I didn't want to listen. It went against everything we had been seeing happen. He'd been getting better.........................but the Lord was saying something different to me, something he'd never said before, "not this time". I knew the Lord could heal him if He wanted, I didn't lack the faith that He COULD heal him. I just knew what He was telling me........."not this time". How could I tell someone that he wouldn't make it??? He just got sick, He seemed a very healthy boy, despite the cancer we knew was in his body. We'd been watching the cancer go away.........."not this time". It's not something you can be ready for. I prayed the Lord wouldn't make him suffer long. I don't like to remember my little one laying in the bed those last few days and nights. That's not how I remember him. When I see Silas he is running through the house, chasing Sissy with the mop! Or he is grinning that mischievous smile, because he WAS ALWAYS up to something. Maybe he's wrestling with his "Uncle Tim"-his giant stuffed deer. He's bouncing on the trampoline, and making everyone else sit down! Or he's at church saying "Amen Preacher"! His old body is in the grave down the road, but Boaz is up in Glory. He's got some great friends up there and I can't wait to meet them. Sure, I miss him every day. I miss holding him till my arms ache. I miss running my fingers through his soft hair until he falls asleep. I miss his beautiful smile, and just having him near. I miss cheerios on the floor, and in the van seat. I miss his tiny hand in mine, and dragging his blankie around. I miss having to watch football, no matter who's playing. I miss fetching his cars for him after he races them down the track. I miss searching for his turtle at nap time, so he can play with the tag. I miss him saying "Hi Mommy" when I walk in the room.
I am sure I will miss him every day of my life. Some days more than others. Sometimes the sorrow comes in waves, like sea billows!! I praise God that this is such a short life compared with eternity. I praise God that I know my real home is in Heaven, and that Silas is already there. I will see my Little Man again, and he will once again be running, and laughing.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I got a surprise this afternoon.
A knock at the door.
All the way from Africa (truly)!
They are sooooo pretty!!

I guess Nick planned ahead :)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Another Sunday in the Congo

Another Sunday has come and gone in the Congo. Nick and Levi visited a different church this Sunday, in Kingkoli. The church has a school on the property, with about 300 children. Nick said Levi preached to a "passel" of children this time. When 101 came forward to accept Christ as their Saviour they went over the gospel again, to make sure the children were coming to Christ, not the "mundele" - white man. These numbers are quite hard for me to conceive. Levi also preaches through the interpreter, Telesphore and he was pretty comfortable with it this week. Nick tells me that there are people everywhere. The only thing Levi said so far about the country was, "Mommy, there's so many people". It was extremely hot, and Levi did get nervous, but this week he held strong and finished his message. WOW!!
Then, Nick preached to the adults and 35 came forward for salvation. He said this was a strong church too. Nick said he and Telesphore could've wrung their shirts out a few times!!
Nick and Levi are in Kinshasa, which is the capitol of the Congo. If I remember right it is about the size of New York City. The population is a bit hard to count, but it is recorded as between 10 - 14 million. Many people come into the city to work. Out in the bush, there is no work. In the city, the Congolese are fortunate to make a dollar a day. That will almost feed them. Most live in houses, well, they might call it a house, we might let our children play in it for a play house. They have no windows or doors, only the hole for a window or door. Sometimes it is more like four posts and something to drape over and around it. Although some, with various government jobs or such, do live better. The places are available, just not affordable to the Congolese.
I guess I will have to wait to post pictures till Nick gets back. The government really doesn't like people taking pictures. Its a good way to lose your camera, and pay a fine.

Monday, December 7, 2009

i miss

finding cheerios in the van seat
searching for his turtle at nap time so he can rub the tag
his tiny hand in mine
fetching his cars after they race down the track
"singing" with "my little man"
watching football, no matter who's playing
rubbing his hair till he falls asleep
letting him watch videos on my phone
buying MORE pants, cause he grew again
his skipping naps on Sundays to play with "Preacher Bear"
his chasing Siah on his Gator scooter
trying to get his shoes off of him when he wants to "go"
pulling him in the wagon
his beautiful smile
getting out the water paints for him AGAIN
letting him smell everything
his contagious laugh
his scribbling on my picture when we color
trying to get him to change when he has his favorite shirt on
his stealing our soft blankets when we aren't looking
his mischievous attitude
cleaning the dirt off from head to toe
him stealing Sissy's waffle
his "pouty" face
the way he said our names
the way his eyes dance when he smiles
trying to get him in the house when he wants to play outside
his kisses good night
watching him sleep
holding him in my arms

As for God, his way is perfect: Psalm 18:30

Sunday in the Congo

Levi preached his first time in the Congo. He preached through the interpreter, to the children, about 85 of them. Usually in the Congo services, the children have to sit in the back. They aren't to move or play at all. If they do, the "protocol" will whack them with a stick. Don't have a fit, remember, it's the Congo, not America. And, remember they did discipline here at one time too, and crime was down, graduations up................ I'll let it rest there. Back to the Congo!! These children aren't allowed to come to the altar to pray.
BUT, today the little white boy from America came to the Congo. And that LITTLE boy preached!!! He preached to them! 74 of those precious Congolese children came forward to accept Christ as THEIR personal Savior. They never knew salvation was for them. What a blessing. Our children could open up the way for a whole generation of Congolese to get saved!! Because of the heat (it can get 120*) and his nervousness he got a little sick before he finished. He did recover to pass out the candy he brought for them.
What a blessing to me that God chose to use a little boy from America, to lead so many Congolese children to Him.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Congo Times

The Congo is seven hours ahead of us.
Tomorrow, when we are still asleep, Nick and Levi will be at church.
Church in the Congo will be quite different for Levi.
Levi will also be preaching tomorrow, through an interpreter.
He has preached at our church, in the nursing home,
and a church in Arkansas too.
But, surely it will seem quite a change, or, maybe to him it won't.
Levi took candy and small toys to pass out too!
I'm sure his light skin and blonde hair will make a hit.
I am praying he has a good time.
It is a goal of Levi's to one day be able to teach the boys there,
and he wants to make friends too.
I can't wait to see if he's learned any Lingala or French when he comes home.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

luggage recovered

Well, that was surely a record for a third world country.
Where "tomorrow" means, whenever!
Nick called and said they got all the remaining luggage,
AND nothing was missing!!!
Even the video camera in the unlocked carryon.
I know it wasn't a record for my God though.
He can do things any way he wants!!

In the Congo

Nick and Levi did make it into the Congo, however, all of their luggage did not!
In fact, only three carry on's and and tote made it.
They took 6 totes (locked), and 4 carry ons.
The airlines told them the luggage would get there tomorrow
(which it is already tomorrow there).
I realize only God can get that luggage to Kinshasa, it is in Kenya, a totally different country.
I packed half of Levi's clothes in his carry on, which made it.
But, Nick's, now that's another story!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

To the Congo

Monday afternoon Nick and Levi boarded their flight to the Congo.
They should arrive late on Tuesday night, it will be early Wednesday for them.

I packed, and unpacked. Then I packed again, and again.
I was thinking I was finished, but just in case,
we took a backpack to the airport to bring things home in.
And it had some things in it, in case there was room.
I caught Levi napping on the totes, daydreaming about the Congo.
He must've said, "I can't believe I get to go to the Congo first!"
about a hundred times!
We waited quite a while to get all of the luggage checked.
Levi was very eager to go, but he was patient.
Nick and Levi will be gone until December 30th.

The children got a little bored, but had a good time playing.
Nick is dealing with the airport personnel.

I filled out all the information on the tags,
and the boys fought over who would put them on.

Buddy was full of himself and acting his normal goofy self!
It seems the goofiness affected everyone.
We waited a while for Nick and Levi to go through security.
I had to do a little shopping in the airport,
Levi didn't pack much, and I thought he needed a toy.
Levi was always our monkey boy, so I got him a small monkey,
very soft and furry. So IF he misses me he can hold it.
Then, OH NO!!! There they go.
Did I mention that Levi is only 9 years old???
And that the Congo is in Africa???

I wasn't sure Levi would turn and wave, he was sooooooooo excited!!!


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