Sunday, May 24, 2009

Glory to God, we're at home

Boaz is definately happier at home!!Our ceiling tile. Actually on the hospital ceiling. Boaz is in my arms.

What a surprise when last Wednesday the doctor walked in and announced we could go home in a day or so. I was actually not at the hospital. Mrs. Chris Maynard, our pastors wife, and Aaron, her son and Silas' blood brother, had stayed the night. The Unger's brought my boys from home for a visit, and as they say, they kicked me out of the hospital for the night! It was great that night, I really miss my boys!!
At the hospital, they gave us a ceiling tile to paint. I started with Silas' hand and footprints. Then we had fun glorifying God from there. My God is a mighty God. The picture of Silas waving is from when we skyped in at church. He waved to everyone for about three to four minutes. He wouldn't put his hand down. He wouldn't go to sleep until church was over. He must've been afraid to miss something. When he'd see someone else he'd say "Hi Gracie" or "Hi Markie". I guess he misses his friends!!
Now we're at home! He's been playing with his brothers, and zooming around on his car. He couldn't even stand on his own after the chemo. I was not expecting this. I understand chemo is hard on the body, but seeing things makes it different! The first time I stood him on the floor, his legs wouldn't hold him up. I teared up even though we we're in the art room with everyone else. It took me a few minutes to be ok. Ever wonder why parents are taking their children and running from the chemo?? Boaz is a boy. A bald head isn't that big of a thing, except you can really see all of those tumors in his skull now. But, if that were my girl?! It would most likely be a different story! Some of the side effects are able to be lessened by basic knowledge of natural helps. At home now Boaz is walking across the room, though unsteady, without falling. It has been a battle.
The doctors and nurses say they cannot understand how his blood counts rose so fast. They were taking him off medicines so fast, my head was swimming. Normally after a round of chemo (he is getting the strongest stuff!), a childs ANC (ability to fight infection) will drop to zero and stay there many days, which is one reason we thought we'd be there til after this next round. BUT GOD, what wonderful words!!! God gave us some wisdom, we applied it, millions of people are praying, and my God had different plans for little Boaz. Boaz ANC was only at zero for three days. By day six it was above 4000. And the Friday they released him it was above 6400. I am told these numbers usually climb very slowly. I tell the medical staff that there are millions of people praying for Silas. People I've never met. And that my God is a mighty God. They don't normally understand, but every once in a while, one of them will!
Thank you to everyone praying. Please keep it up. This is a fight for the life of Boaz, a normal life.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Silas Boaz Today

We're learning more and more as we go. Some doctors know more about different things. The nurses mean well, but they do not always know what the doctors know. Boaz could go home in a few days, if all goes well. The chances of everything going well are close to zero. I could insist, and they would let me take him. I could do the treatments in Pensacola, I could go home in between. But, when he gets a fever, and he will, or his blood counts go down, and they are, then I want to be where Silas can get the care he needs. This is THE Children's Cancer Hospital. They are equipped to do things here that they can't do elsewhere. I miss my boys at home, but I realize that's what the Lord has for us right now. We will take it as it comes.
This is a physical battle. It is also a spiritual battle. Satan does not want us to serve God. He does not want us to be a bright light shining in dark world. But, that is our reasonable service. I love my LORD more each day. He is still merciful and gracious.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Brothers visit Silas

This is definitely a different boy than yesterday! We pray, and pray, then God answers and we are amazed. That's how I am. I knew it would be good for everyone to visit, but I did not expect giggling, sitting up, getting out of the bed onto the floor and such. He has had a GOOD visit.
The doctors are saying that if we can get him to hold liquids and some food down, he can go home. Then they are saying that while we are home we can transfer to Pensacola, Fl. PRAISE GOD!!!!!
Please pray for these things. We truly covet your prayers.
I know we've a ways to go, please continue to lift us up in prayer.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Quick Note

Little Boaz is now receiving the blood that was banked for him by Bro. Buddy and Aaron Maynard (we know we have the best church in the world)! About 10 minutes after starting it he turned over, got a car and played with it for a few minutes. Earlier he ate some thin pretzel sticks (one of our favorite snacks), a few bites of yogurt, and drank water from my bottle. He has refused drink for a week prior, no matter how cute the cups were. This is important, because they will not release him between treatments unless he takes in liquids on his own.
Clay and Mrs. Kim are updating their blogs as well, and probably more regularly. So, check them for info also. Must go watch my little one.
Thanks for all the prayers. I know I couldn't do it alone.
Psalm 121

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Silas Boaz

First, I must say, GOD IS STILL ON THE THRONE!!!!!!!!!
I realize some of you already know some of what is going on, but I will try to be comprehensive, for those who do not. Little Silas Boaz is at Shands Children's Hospital in Gainsville, Fl. He has been showing some signs of something being wrong, and it progressed rather rapidly, on the outside. He has been diagnosed with neuroblastoma. It is a cancer of the nerves, starting in the adrenal glands. It affects children age five and under, some are born with it, like Boaz probably was. His started in his abdomen, in the left adrenal gland, and that tumor has pretty much taken over his abdomen. It is on his stomach, which we will deal with later. But, PRAISE GOD, it is not in any more of his organs. They are a little pushed around right now, but healthy! His secondary site is probably his head, which has about four spots, in the skull. This gives him much pain. He has been rubbing his head for a long time and always liked us to rub it. Now we know why. But, once again, God has chosen to protect his brain. GLORY TO GOD!!! God is merciful in all things. Then he has a lump under his arm (soft tissue), and in his arm, and leg (in the bones). It is not in his blood!!!! That is an answered prayer. PRAISE THE LORD!!!
We knew something was really wrong, but had no idea what. Of course, we never thought cancer. After all, he's two. By the time we got him here he had slept for days, only waking for short times, he had been vomiting for days, had lumps on his head (they all came up since Thursday, April 29th), wanted no one but me,and was severely dehydrated. But, my God knows things I do not. None of these things were a surprise to Him. He started chemo on Friday at 7pm. I know he needed that badly. Within an hour he was devouring Aaron's french fries. The next day he ate a whole banana for lunch, and a cup of yogurt. For dinner, he ate fries and part of my chicken sandwich.
I know we are sure to have rough time ahead. I believe it will be hard. My God is merciful. He could have taken him in womb, at birth, or any time since then. Nick and I gave him to the Lord long ago. And I have done it many times since then, especially since that first Dr visit when something inside said, "somethings wrong".
I will try to keep this updated. Sometimes I may have someone else do it. God didn't make a mistake. No matter what changes, God never changes.


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