Thursday, December 3, 2009

In the Congo

Nick and Levi did make it into the Congo, however, all of their luggage did not!
In fact, only three carry on's and and tote made it.
They took 6 totes (locked), and 4 carry ons.
The airlines told them the luggage would get there tomorrow
(which it is already tomorrow there).
I realize only God can get that luggage to Kinshasa, it is in Kenya, a totally different country.
I packed half of Levi's clothes in his carry on, which made it.
But, Nick's, now that's another story!


  1. zowie! i'm glad they made it there, even if their luggage got sidetracked.

    regarding your comment on my blog about family pictures... one day i will look back at these current pictures where i think i look terrible and will surely think "look how young and beautiful i was!"

    won't i?

    at least that's what forces me to get in front of the camera every once in a blue moon!

  2. We lost things so many times going back and forth, but hopefully I can help ease some worry by saying that it usually gets there...eventually. :)

    Praying along with you...



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