Monday, December 7, 2009

i miss

finding cheerios in the van seat
searching for his turtle at nap time so he can rub the tag
his tiny hand in mine
fetching his cars after they race down the track
"singing" with "my little man"
watching football, no matter who's playing
rubbing his hair till he falls asleep
letting him watch videos on my phone
buying MORE pants, cause he grew again
his skipping naps on Sundays to play with "Preacher Bear"
his chasing Siah on his Gator scooter
trying to get his shoes off of him when he wants to "go"
pulling him in the wagon
his beautiful smile
getting out the water paints for him AGAIN
letting him smell everything
his contagious laugh
his scribbling on my picture when we color
trying to get him to change when he has his favorite shirt on
his stealing our soft blankets when we aren't looking
his mischievous attitude
cleaning the dirt off from head to toe
him stealing Sissy's waffle
his "pouty" face
the way he said our names
the way his eyes dance when he smiles
trying to get him in the house when he wants to play outside
his kisses good night
watching him sleep
holding him in my arms

As for God, his way is perfect: Psalm 18:30


  1. we iwll misss them always,,, but HIs grace is ALWAYS present!!!!! IT is a very long raod Karen, take yur time, and do not look in one sense where I am and be sad that yur not tehre yet, YOU WILL, its one step on truth at a time and I know yur stepping!!! Be patient with yourself. In these almost three years, alot of tears, alot of anger, alot of questions, alot of taking it out on my family, alot of silence, alot of begging the Lord and in His time as He gave me grace, the gentle acceptance and embracing of "his will be done." It was his Holy Spritis work. Our part is to be faithful to seek His "living" words to our dying hearts!


  2. Oh, goodness, look at all the typos.....sorry!!! I home school :)

  3. Karen, you are doing a fabulous job here. You may feel weak, unable, and just plain weary of "moving forward", but these times will heal you and most of all...our GOD will heal.

    It has been a true joy and blessing to watch you and your family over the past few have been an encouragement to me to keep on keeping on...even when it seems impossible.

  4. We are thinking of you, Mrs. Karen, and keeping you in our prayers.
    Love and miss you all,

  5. I'm praying for you and your sweet family, Mrs. Karen. I know it must be especially difficult without Bro. Nick there with you right now. I hope your birthday wasn't too hard. I love you guys. You and Paige are on my mind a lot. I enjoyed the little time we were able to spend together. Take care! *hug*
    "...but the LORD was my stay." Psalm 18:18

  6. What precious moments to miss! It is good to write down and remember all of the little things.

    :) I think we had more pretzels bits scattered around than cheerios.

    Still praying for you daily, dear Karen!

  7. Hi Mrs. Karen,

    Praying for you and thinking of you... Can't imagine what you are going through but my heart aches for you and your family. Thank you for sharing with us. You are a blessing.

    Love in Christ,

    Melanie Rhinehart

    PS I have only signed up to start a blog, maybe one of these days i'll actually get around to starting it and I'll add you to my list then!



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