Tuesday, July 27, 2010

old pics

I came across these old pics the other day
the kidlets were sooo little
Timothy, who is 7 now, was the baby
Timothy was always sucking his fingers
the first and second one, upside down
it was so hard to break him.
Caleb was so bright eyed 
He must've been about 2
and his hair was little curls
I didn't want to trim those curls
Levi was about 3
the sun has always bothered his eyes
they were quite gun crazy
Josiah (5) and his gun
they are still gun crazy
and Josiah absolutely LOVED that shirt
he still has it,
though it doesn't look quite the same
"you might be a redneck"
if you've ever done your homework in a tree....
Paige (8) and a definite big sister
she was a great help times a little bossy
they were so cute
bright inquisitive faces
see the Woody with Caleb 
he took it everywhere
Paige's first cat, Beka, all her own
that cat sat in her lap during school
and slept with her at night
Josiah and Sarge
he got him when he was 4
with the Gibbs at Virginia Beach
Aaron pulling Caleb, Levi, and cousin, Katie

its fun looking back on the old times

1 comment:

  1. Wow, what amazing pics! I'm so happy you have that one of us all at Virginia Beach. That's great :D I didn't have a camera that day if I remember correctly. Be praying for us, the children and I should be gettin down there by end of October!!! I have soooo much to do before then. Love you all XOXO



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