Tuesday, July 6, 2010

playin around

the children
Paige - is 15 now
an enormous help to me and Daddy
loves to act goofy w/her brothers
likes to take pictures and scrapbook
Josiah - 12, likes his hats
loves to work
can figure out a lot on his own
(Big Daddy taught him some and initiative keeps him going)
Levi - 10 years
somewhat serious and tender
while still all boy
Caleb - 9 year old me
infatuated with Calvin & Hobbes
(I don't know how that happened ;)
likes to aggravate his sister
Timothy - 7 years, mini Nick
he uses the blond hair for a cover-up
he's really taken off in his school
and is a good help around the house
Hunter - 6 on the 1st
can you see the activity in his eyes
a bouncing time bomb of energy
Stonewall - 4, 
he's developed quite a personality
a very goofy one
seems he's a good student

can I still call them all children
it seems some of them are getting too big, 
and responsible for that title
and the little ones are NOT interested 
in being little for their Mommy anymore

then there's mom - no age needed
likes to take pictures
lots of them
one day is going to learn the violin


  1. Beautiful pics Ms. Karen! They just grow up too fast :) Love you! Hugs to everyone :D

  2. I would love to learn the cello or viola! But violin is much more portable, isn't it?

    Love your descriptions of all of them, Karen. It makes me smile to think of all the constant activity that must go on at your house!



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