Wednesday, July 21, 2010

last July 21st

Last year at this time
I was in the hospital with Boaz.
(that's no surprise).
His 1st port had come loose
and they were replacing it. 
We had been fighting to get a feeding tube also. 
We got it since he was already in surgery. 
He had gone through three cycles of chemo
and the cancer had grown.
We were ready to get him off of it.
You can read the story of how it all 
went if you scroll through and look 
at posts from this time last year.
He was sleeping so soundly, 
they made me wake him to give him the
medicine that would make him sleep???
So he wouldn't cry when they took him.
No wonder he cried!!
The way it all happened was a miracle. 
God took care of every detail so that
he could get the new port, the feeding tube, 
and get away from the chemo.
This is pretty much right out of surgery.
Maybe a few hours later.
He was such an incredibly happy boy.
He just had a way about him. 
While we were talking to the nurse about 
the feeding tube, the nurses gave Boaz
a whole roll of orange ace bandage and 
he had Aaron wrap his turtle, COMPLETELY. 
But look at that smile!!!
Driving off from the hospital that day
was like growing wings.
I know the decision is different for everyone,
but I knew I couldn't continue to keep him
on the chemo, watching the tumors grow, 
making him sick, and damaging his 
precious little body.
Just a few days later you'd have 
never known he had surgery.
He usually had this beautiful smile 
on his face. 
That smile was worth lots of sleepless nights.
Stonewall and Boaz were constant companions.
This is within the week and he was
running around the park playing.



  1. what an amazing little boy! love and prayers to your family

  2. at the park within a week. *sniff* that is just awesome!

    today, i am praying for stonewall as he misses his brother. it is hard to see our other children miss their buddy too.

    he has a beautiful grin, karen! i have been thinking a lot lately about time. wondering how time here will compare to the time in heaven... to the time since our boys left us to go home. i can't quite wrap my mind around it. but what i do know is that when we get there, it will all be perfect and just as it should be.


  3. Thanks Marsha. Somehow hearing from someone who's been there always helps.

  4. This was Stacies b-day party we wited cuz you told us that he was having a good day and yall were going to make it just running a lil late i have st here this week and thought how he and stacie were so close to the same age and last year these couple days how we called checking on him and i love you all



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