Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hunter's Birthday

Happy Birthday Hunter
It all started when Hunter picked this.........
ball for his birthday. 
It's like the soccer ball they used in the world cup.
And this........cake pan I've thought would be fun
some time, homemade frosting (yum), 
and it was fun
Hunter liked it....but then again it was cake!!!

Then came the fourth of July. 
It has been a while since my boys got to preach
so when the preacher at the church announced
that during the pm service the boys and young men
could preach, mine could talk of nothing else!
Josiah was my first one to preach
he preached on wisdom
What can a young 12 year old boy know about wisdom?
Practically speaking, not much. 
But he wrote this message totally on his own, 
he got his own illustrations
The first time he preached it he made a sword
and borrowed his sisters baby doll.
Remember the two harlots, the baby, and Solomon?
Levi was next
he wrote a new message for the 4th of July
reasons America is free
Caleb preached then
and he wanted to write one special for the 4th also
"reasons why we have the flag we have"
The older guys were given a topic to preach on.
I think that might be interesting with the younger guys once.

After church most of us loaded up 
and went to watch the fireworks.
I had a good time taking these pics
my new camera has a fireworks setting
this one had a heart in the middle
it was neat to see how they turned out
they were a ways away and, of course, it was dark
another heart
Dad's shadow
watching the works
Little Levi & his Mom 
yes it was hot and humid
we were all sweaty & sticky
singing on the way there and back
(except the too cool J, up front, 
wouldn't want that in the pic)
they were loud, but I know they'll remember 
the fun time they had for a long time

fireworks for the boys to set off themselves
bottle rockets.........
sparklers for everyone
this is Hunter and Stonewall
and it looked pretty neat 
when they wrote their names
their characters were kinda funny to watch
some of the children were eager
some were pulling away even 
as the bottle rocket went off
............but not many of them
even the girls were out back with theirs
the boys were thrilled with the smoke bombs
tanks - they shot fire and made noise
 every boys dream
even when it sprinkled
noone was running for cover
then of course, everyone needed more food
and you can see what the boys think of the girls
he was saying "don't touch those brownies"
I wonder who baked them?

by the way, Paige has started a new blog
it's called Buggy
Buggy was Boaz pet name from Paige and Stonewall



  1. You are so talented. I can't hardly even bake a regular 9x13 pan cake. Mine always stick to the bottom when I try to transfer. And I have done the suggested, crisco then flour. ??? Just never works for me :(

  2. Actually, I cheated this time & sprayed the pan with nonstick spray. I do usually use shortening then flour. But I think the trick is that you have to let the cake cool for 10 minutes, only. I know some "professional" bakers though, they line the bottom of any flat pan with waxed paper. I never tried it though.

  3. the cake is awesome!!!what a great idea! looks like the kids had anawesome time preaching and popping fireworks...thinking of us and keeping u in our prayers..

  4. What an awesome cake! My boys would love that as well. I sure miss watching World Cup, but I don't miss those vuvuzelas at all.

    By the way, I use Pam for Baking or Bakers Joy. It's a spray that has flours and greases your pan in one spray.

    Fireworks look like fun. We haven't shot fireworks at our house since the month before Christian passed away. It's still really hard- he loved those poppers, sparklers and black snakes. I can still hear how he would whoop and holler in his excitement!



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