Tuesday, May 25, 2010


We were on the water all day Tuesday.
We were headed for Key West.
It was hard to believe how blue the water was. 
Closer inland, in the Gulf where we live
it seems darker.
We were off the boat pretty early, 
before many people were up, 
(including the bums who sleep on the beach).
We did a little looking around,
visiting the southern most point 
(90 miles from Cuba),
and the southern most everything else too. 
We sat on the beach and read and talked.
There was this guy,
totally spray painted silver, like a statue, 
though the  crates kinda give it away.
And he would stand there perfectly still, 
his flag waving in the wind,
until someone would get close to him
trying to figure out what "it" was,
then he'd jump at them and hollar,
"what'cha lookin' at"?
And they would always jump, or scream, or both.
Beautiful water, and even white sand.
The next day we sailed into the Bahamas.
The water was beautifully clear.
The driving was a bit like Mexico or the Congo,
except the vehicles were nicer.
People were everywhere selling things.
They blow these conch shells and it sounds like a fog horn!
When I was younger we would sometimes 
find these at our beaches.
In this water, off Paradise Island
we went kayaking, "ya mon".
Our kayak was clear so we could 
see down into the water, "ya mon".
Then we went snorkeling.
I've never been snorkeling, 
but I learned quickly how to do it!
And they ended everything they said with, "ya mon".
It was great. I love the water.
Seeing all those colorful fish was fun.
Their colors were astounding.
On the boat we bought fish food, 
which the fish readily recognized.
I would feed them just enough to get lots around,
then watch and take a few pictures.
Then spit out the snorkel and dive down 
to be in the middle of them.
I never knew 27 pics could be taken so quickly.
The snorkeling was definitely top on my list.
I enjoyed the boat ride out and back too.
We enjoyed meeting the other people also.
We got back aboard the ship in time to
watch the sunset from the deck, 
which was beautiful again.



  1. That water is strikingly blue! Lovely.

    Snorkeling is such fun, except when it's windy. Then I get seasick from bobbing up and down on the water.

    Looks like y'all had a beautiful time together!

  2. a much deserved vacation..... love and Prayers



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