Sunday, June 6, 2010

space shuttle launch

On our last day sailing we were up on the deck
when the captain made an announcement.
The space shuttle was taking off
from Cape Canaveral, FL.
It was a bit away. 
We were able to see it take off, 
see the smoke and the flame.
It all only took a few minutes. 
Then all that was left was the smoke. 
It was pretty neat. 
The last time I remember seeing a take-off
was when I was in elementary school.
We had a good time on the water slides Friday.
This one was four or five stories high,
and went out over the side of the ship.
It was really hot and the slides were cool.
These racer slides were for the very little ones.
Here's the adult racer slides. 
They were, of course, fast, wet, FUN.
Nick won most of the time, 
I don't know why.
  Watching the sunset the last night.
I love taking a picture every few minutes, 
it's amazing how fast the sun sinks.
This ship appeared 
before the sun could 
finish sinking.
I know it wasn't going fast,
but it seemed like it.
 And then it was gone. 
The ship and the sun.

1 comment:

  1. I like your series of sunset photos. I do the same thing. I'm from Old Paths Bible Baptist Church in Holley, NY. You probably don't remember me, but I talked with you a bit and my son fixed your daughter's violin string, I think.



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