Wednesday, May 5, 2010

one year ago

One year ago I was at the hospital,
not knowing my life would be changed forever.
My heart knew something............
 He was such a good boy.
here we were still in town
wouldn't I love to hold him again
just a few days before
laughing and playing at our beach
he was such a blessing
what I wouldn't give to hear that laugh again
his shirt says "too cool for school"
one fish is swimming the opposite way
one of Paige's favorite's =)
there were signs................
but who'd have known
Silas Boaz, "my love"
"My Little Man"


  1. No mother could ever truly know Ms.Karen. My heart and prayers are with you in the most way a friend could possibly be! I love you. Please give my love to Bro. Nick and all the children. I'm thinking about you all!!

  2. I love his blonde hair and his tubby little tummy.

    I wish you could hold him too! Praying for you, my friend.

  3. Mama Karen,

    reading this and looking at these pictures has brought me too tears. I sure miss him and the fun times we had but, I know it doesnt compare to the way you and your family do. I think about yall all the time. Miss yall guys! Ly Kd -àlÉx ツ

  4. I thought about you on at the beginning of May, thinking about that week when we found out something was so terribly wrong. Hard to believe it's been a year since that day. I pray for y'all every day that the Lord will comfort as only He can. There's nothing anyone can say that really helps, but know that we love you and we haven't forgotten him.



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