Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Surprise Vacation

Nick took me out of town last week
it was as much a surprise as possible
while still allowing me to pack
Is this a good hint?
Is this better?
We went on a cruise, 
the ship on the left is ours, the Fascination.
We are not smiling about the wait to 
get on the ship, but there were about 
2000 people to process through.
 My favorite thing to do on board, 
sit on the deck in the sun. 
Though we usually sat on the top deck
in the lounge chairs, reading or napping!
 This was our first day out, and I 
wanted to catch the sunset pictures.
I'm sure I took more sunset pics
than anything else. 
The sun going down, shimmering across
the ocean, with nothing else in sight; 
it was awesome indeed.
This is looking down from almost the top floor
but not all the way down to the bottom.
I knew the children would think this was
pretty neat, and it was.
There were two of these, life size elephants,
half in and half out of this wall.
Each evening while we were at dinner,
the stateroom steward turned down the bed,
and made a cute animal from towels.
The first night we had a walrus.
The second night a dog. 
We couldn't have asked for better service at all. 
 Everywhere on the ship it was the same.
We had a great time, 
and I will post the next few days later.
It's too much for one post. 


  1. Wow, never been on a cruise! Ya'll look so happy :D I'm sure we would look that happy too Ha ha ha! Amen, I'm glad ya'll could get away and get to that. That's great. Love you!

  2. words could not describe what the pictures show - it looks life you had a blast!!!!

  3. A surprise?! Wow! That is wonderful, Karen!



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