Monday, November 16, 2009


We are on a much needed vacation
for the week for some family time.
I love being near the water, and this is our backyard for the week!
I can sit on the porch or balcony and listen to the owls at night,
or the loons during the day.
I can walk across the road,
watch and listen to the waves crash into the shore,
feel the sand beneath my feet,
while watching the crabs scurry, and the seagulls fly.

We went out today, and had fun the Blackburn way!
Sometimes we sort of take over a place when we go to play,
but we try to share, some.
Nick and I, relaxing. While the children burn off that perpetual steam.
Handsome, isn't he!!
Here's my new purse, which Nick said "is very Karen"!
Does anyone know what THAT means?
Cause Nick won't say?!!

Buddy was nice enough to sit still for a picture with Paige,
or maybe she was holding him down.
Buddy Stonewall thinks he's completed his shopping list right here.

Hunter James, King of the mountain!

Timothy's horsing around at the condo.

Caleb caught a baby gecko, and of course, wanted to keep it!
No, thank you!

I tried to tell Levi this wasn't the way to get to the Congo faster,
but you know they've got to learn on their own.
Nick and Levi will be heading to the Congo,
yes, in Africa, at the end of this month, for a month!

Josiah, all boy.
Diving out the window, why else would there be holes in the walls!

We're having a good time, as day two ends.


  1. OHHHH what GREAT pics Ms. Karen! Ha ha ha, the one of Timothy horsing around makes me dizzy :D And I'll take a jab of what brother Nick might mean by, "It's very Karen." :P I'm thinkin because it's pink and jeans. You're a lady, but a sort of tough lady too :D Ask him if that's what he means ha ha ha. Otherwise, I have no idea. I love ya Karen! Great post!! Hugs to all ya'll from us COLLD-D-D Alaskans up here. Brother Nick, do you remember calling my babies (when they were babies of course), lil papoose babies? Well, we feel like a bunch of frozen papooses :D It's MINUS 15 degrees here right now. Our Blaze King wood stove is having a hard time keeping up with this weather. Our nose hairs FREEZE when we step outside!! Blah....So enjoy that white sand ;)

    Love ya'll,
    Ms. Elsie

  2. So glad that you are having a great time of relaxation and rest! I LOVE your new purse, too! It is very cute! Your comments about the pictures are too funny...definitely Kodak moments! Lord bless all of you! :)

  3. Everyone needs a vacation. That is for sure. Hope you all have a great time. It looks like the kids are for sure.
    God Bless.

  4. Been reading since I came here after visiting at Joel's Journey.

    I love the pics...and we go there too... every year. We camp though. It is very relaxing and soothing. May God wash over you...

    Praying for you.... all of you. May God comfort you...




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