Sunday, November 22, 2009

vacation day 3 & 4

We had a full week and had lots of fun.
Buddy ran out of food, so he wanted to help Sister.
We went to the Track.
Everyone raced, and there was a bit of competition.
Here's Nick & I on the slick track, my favorite.
I like the sliding around the corners.
Levi racing, concentrating hard.
Nick and I racing, again.
He wouldn't let me pass!!!

Paige with Josiah right behind, No, she wouldn't let him pass either!
Caleb, Timothy, and Hunter raced.
They were intense little racers, bumping and passing!
Timothy, a bit of a dreamer, ran into the side or the extra cars often.
Hunter, had to stick out his tongue for concentration!

Caleb, very serious about his racing,
managed to pass the others two times one race.
Here's Buddy swinging.
That used to be one of my favorite things to do.

Timothy, Caleb, Hunter, and Levi.
Day 4.
We went to the Gulfarium.
I always like these big aquariums.
Everyone looking at the sharks.
It was barely cool enough for the jackets.
This is what normally happens when I try to take a picture!!!
I'll have to finish out days five, six and seven later!

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  1. What a fun day!

    That last pic is awesome-- keepin' it real!



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