Monday, November 23, 2009

prayer request

A week after Silas' passing we had a new couple join our church.
Jenny was with child, though they knew the baby
could not survive outside the womb.
Last Thursday the baby was born, and passed during delivery.
After church yesterday we had a small graveside service,
and her small body now rests beside Silas'.

How strange it is to see those pink flowers,
and that tiny mound of sand.
My heart aches with and for the Piche family.
Please keep them in your prayers.
Somehow I don't feel far enough down the road in this
to be much help, or a blessing.
Once again, my Lord knows things I do not.

The Piche family has three small children
who do not understand what is going on.
I know my little ones do not quite get it.
Buddy kept giving his "Buggy" toys at the viewing,
and asking if Silas was going to color a picture.
I'm not sure how much a few of the others understand.
They can give you all the right answers, and they've seen animals die,
but head knowledge doesn't give understanding.

Just as a head knowledge of the Bible doesn't make someone saved.
It takes the word of God sinking down into someone's heart.
Then it requires action from the person, a confession of sin,
a sorrow over sin, and a repentance of sin.

Back to the children, please pray for their tender hearts,
and wisdom for their parents to answer their questions.
We have tried to be very truthful with our children,
I don't ever want them to be able to say I've lied to them.

The Piche Family
one tiny girl
a large empty spot in their hearts
prayers needed
grace to heal


  1. We will definitely be keeping this precious family in our prayers...right along with yours.

  2. You and Daddy are so cute together

  3. I will be praying for the Piche family. And for your as well.

    While you may not have the answers, sometimes a hug, a listening ear or just being in the same room with someone else that knows of sorrow brings comfort and encouragement. (((hugs)))



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