Monday, November 9, 2009

Thats My Boy

Thats My Boy

running barefoot
in the yard
chasing Sarge

soft hair
cute smile
blue eyes shining

such a light
quick to laugh
making friends

"Hi Daddy"
you mean
the world to me

"Mommy, Mommy"
hold me so
"I wuv you"

"Sissy, Sissy"
oh, how many ways
you take care of me

"Siah, Siah"
time to play
get your guitar

"Wewi, Wewi"
get my gun
I wanna shoot

"Caleb, Caleb"
be a pup
fetch for me

we will sit
read a book with me

sit over there
roll my ball

my best buddy
get on my gator bike with me

"Aaron, Aaron"
turn on tv
we watch football

"Grandmama Chris"
I like your beads
sealed with a kiss

"Preacher Buddy"
where's my bear
I don't wanna nap

"Wussell, Wussell"
pick me up
show me the 'puter

he's singing
pick me up so I can see

funny ways
so smart
making us laugh

loving ways
tender kisses
winning hearts

laughing joyfully
swinging high
maybe he will fly


  1. Hi Karen,
    I am so glad you continueing to write, it really was for ame a way to grieve, I hope you can continue to share your heart and hurt, it helps.
    Beautiful thoughts from a beautiful mommy's heart that misses her boy.....


  2. such cherished memories of your sweet boy

  3. What a beautiful smile, all the way up to his eyes!

  4. Still praying for you all. I here to listen if needed. Remember, I have had thoughts as you might be having. We both know God is good and His ways perfect, yet we are mortal and its ok to let out steam, cries, hurts, screams or what ever our mommy hearts need, and God can handle our weaknesses.

  5. Thanks for sharing through e-mail. As much as you might need another mother whose been there, I need a mother who knows as well, the pain, the longings the wishings and how we can share the joys of the great grace he gives in our journey.




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