Sunday, May 10, 2009

Silas Boaz

First, I must say, GOD IS STILL ON THE THRONE!!!!!!!!!
I realize some of you already know some of what is going on, but I will try to be comprehensive, for those who do not. Little Silas Boaz is at Shands Children's Hospital in Gainsville, Fl. He has been showing some signs of something being wrong, and it progressed rather rapidly, on the outside. He has been diagnosed with neuroblastoma. It is a cancer of the nerves, starting in the adrenal glands. It affects children age five and under, some are born with it, like Boaz probably was. His started in his abdomen, in the left adrenal gland, and that tumor has pretty much taken over his abdomen. It is on his stomach, which we will deal with later. But, PRAISE GOD, it is not in any more of his organs. They are a little pushed around right now, but healthy! His secondary site is probably his head, which has about four spots, in the skull. This gives him much pain. He has been rubbing his head for a long time and always liked us to rub it. Now we know why. But, once again, God has chosen to protect his brain. GLORY TO GOD!!! God is merciful in all things. Then he has a lump under his arm (soft tissue), and in his arm, and leg (in the bones). It is not in his blood!!!! That is an answered prayer. PRAISE THE LORD!!!
We knew something was really wrong, but had no idea what. Of course, we never thought cancer. After all, he's two. By the time we got him here he had slept for days, only waking for short times, he had been vomiting for days, had lumps on his head (they all came up since Thursday, April 29th), wanted no one but me,and was severely dehydrated. But, my God knows things I do not. None of these things were a surprise to Him. He started chemo on Friday at 7pm. I know he needed that badly. Within an hour he was devouring Aaron's french fries. The next day he ate a whole banana for lunch, and a cup of yogurt. For dinner, he ate fries and part of my chicken sandwich.
I know we are sure to have rough time ahead. I believe it will be hard. My God is merciful. He could have taken him in womb, at birth, or any time since then. Nick and I gave him to the Lord long ago. And I have done it many times since then, especially since that first Dr visit when something inside said, "somethings wrong".
I will try to keep this updated. Sometimes I may have someone else do it. God didn't make a mistake. No matter what changes, God never changes.

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  1. Ms. Karen, you have a strength of Faith expressed here that gives me a little more faith. I guess hearing it from momma helps. It absolutely kills me that I'm all the way up here. But know (and you probably already do know this), that I am praying day and night for you and brother Nick, and Silas, and ALL involved! I love you all so very very much. If there is ANYTHING possibly you can think of, that Ellery and I can do please please please ask immediately. I've already checked into plane tickets to Pensacola, and unfortunately, that's impossible right now. They're running almost a grand each round trip. I was wanting looking into the children and I coming to visit for a while :( But that would be 7 grand just in plane tickets. Ha ha ha, it would be cheaper for me to drive there ;) I'm so desperate right now, I'd even consider it, but Ellery wouldn't EVER hear of it. Well, now that I've written a book on your comments, ha ha ha, maybe I should go. I love you. Please kiss all the children for us.
    We do not cease in prayer,



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