Monday, May 11, 2009

Quick Note

Little Boaz is now receiving the blood that was banked for him by Bro. Buddy and Aaron Maynard (we know we have the best church in the world)! About 10 minutes after starting it he turned over, got a car and played with it for a few minutes. Earlier he ate some thin pretzel sticks (one of our favorite snacks), a few bites of yogurt, and drank water from my bottle. He has refused drink for a week prior, no matter how cute the cups were. This is important, because they will not release him between treatments unless he takes in liquids on his own.
Clay and Mrs. Kim are updating their blogs as well, and probably more regularly. So, check them for info also. Must go watch my little one.
Thanks for all the prayers. I know I couldn't do it alone.
Psalm 121

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