Sunday, April 26, 2009

Deputation Friends

We have had such a good time meeting new friends around the country. The children have met good friends everywhere we go. There's Stonewall and Lauren. It took him a few days to go to her, after all she's a girl. But then they we're fast friends.
While in Mississippi, Paige and Emily got to be quite good friends. Emily grew up on the mission field, and now they live here. She misses the field, and she and Paige talked about the fields a lot. What a blessing for the children to get to meet other children who can help them on the field.
This is Levi and Levi. Then Josiah Samuel x2. This Josiah and Levi

are brothers too. We were there for a week, so they had a great time. Then, of course, all the little boys had to arm wrestle.

That's Caleb on Caleb's back writing on the board. Same church as Josiah and Levi. That's where Caleb busted his head. If you didn't hear that story, he busted it opened on one of those I-beams you see in the pictures. That's Leib (with Caleb), the guy who came to the rescue when it all happened and stayed with him till it was all over. Caleb played the man, and didn't cry. Leib was a blessing. Boys do much better with men.
This is a short video of an orchestra Paige played in at a mission conference. She really enjoyed it and it was good experience for her. I could add tons more pictures, but they won't all fit.


  1. Thanks for sharing the pics, Mrs. Karen! I enjoyed seeing them.

  2. Hey Mrs. Karen,
    I enjoy seeing your pictures. We miss you all, and can't wait to get back home! Tell everyone we said hi!

  3. Awww, look at all your new friends! How fun. I really get a reality check on how the children have grown by Paige's photo(the second photo from the top). She just has such a mature look about her, and a constancy and lady-like grace that is about her presence! Not that I've never thought of her in any of these ways, basically, she sure has grown into such a young lady, not just a little kid, ya know!? Sigh...I remember her crying..,"But I could just talk til the cows come home". I remember thinking it was just the cutest thing!!
    Love ya'll!!!!
    Mrs. Elsie

  4. It was good to meet you at the Anitioch Conference. Caleb took quite a hit and yes, he took it like a man. I think he takes the record for wearing an ice pack longer than any boy I know! Hope he healed up ok and his hair's grown back!!
    Praying for you!
    Mrs. Reynolds

  5. Hey Mrs. Karen,
    Great to see the pics of ya'll! Tell Caleb Hi for me. We love you all and miss you. See you in October hopefully.



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