Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Brothers visit Silas

This is definitely a different boy than yesterday! We pray, and pray, then God answers and we are amazed. That's how I am. I knew it would be good for everyone to visit, but I did not expect giggling, sitting up, getting out of the bed onto the floor and such. He has had a GOOD visit.
The doctors are saying that if we can get him to hold liquids and some food down, he can go home. Then they are saying that while we are home we can transfer to Pensacola, Fl. PRAISE GOD!!!!!
Please pray for these things. We truly covet your prayers.
I know we've a ways to go, please continue to lift us up in prayer.


  1. Oh what dear smiles!! You all are breathed and pleaded in prayer CONTINUALLY in the Gibbs home. We love you. Silas looks so cute smiling at the camera. Sigh...

  2. We are also praying for your dear little boy, Mrs. Karen. He is so adorable. Even though we don't know y'all, we feel like we have been living through this with a very small way. The Maynards are keeping us abreast on the situation, and, of course, we are checking on Mrs. Kim's blog daily for news reports. Please know that you all are in our prayers and we sure do love you in the Lord!

    God bless,

  3. Mrs. Blackburn,

    I am a friend of Hannah Huussen's. She has been keeping me updated on Silas' condition since she first asked me to keep you folks in prayer. Bro. Rudy from WFTW also emailed my parents of Silas' cancer. You all are in our prayers. May He comfort and sustain you with His grace and do "that which is impossible with men" for your precious little boy. He is able!

    In the Lord,

    Naomi Ungry



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