Friday, October 29, 2010

last minute mini vacation

last week, or was it the week before?
we had to take a 
quick trip to tend some business
and it happened to be near
"my" beaches
we missed seeing some friends
(but maybe next time)
as it turned out, Nick was pretty sick
so while he & the lil boys napped
I enjoyed playin with the big kids 
it was a win-win situation for me!!!
 Caleb had gotten a little cold
 they were playing football
though I don't know where it is
 Hunter digging
Timothy burying himself again
 the boys buried Paige and Cali
 Paige and Stonewall
she loves her brothers
and they love her
or is it to aggravate her
Paige actually slept out on the balcony
it is like nothing else
hearing the waves crashing all night
 Josiah and Alex being goofy
Every morning we spend
at the ocean
I wake to find all the children
peeking out the windows
or sitting on the balcony 
Levi the lifeguard
 the boys love Alex
because he spends lots of time with them
and I think he likes them too :)
 Paige and Cali
we (Paige&Cali, Alex&Josiah and me)
were playing a game
1 person is it and picks a "favorite" 
thing to call out
fav color, animal....
and all was fine until....
just Alex & I were NOT it
so Paige, Cali, & Josiah WERE it
it only took a sec for them to decide
"soda" - sounds innocent, right
but everyone knows Alex & I drink
so we took off swimming across the pool
underwater, because we can
and they couldn't
but they got us anyway
it seems the air is only at the top LOL

Alex and Stonewall, again
we got an underwater camera
just for fun
I realized that most of my
children don't go under 
without holding their nose
or a mask on
which is weird to me
Nick & I both swim "normal" 
which is no mask or nose holding 
 Paige (mask) & Cali (holding nose)
 Caleb (mask)
Alex (neither) trying to "nap"
which didn't work too well 
Cali & Paige
sun setting
waves crashing
there are more pics, 
where everyone thinks I'm torturing them
I will try to get them up tomorrow
or the next day  ;)

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  1. The DR. Pepper we knew we would get y'all on the first try Glad we had friends to make vacation better



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