Tuesday, October 19, 2010

winning prizes

the children were able to help
a school with it's annual
chocolate sell
I must admit, 
I didn't have very high hopes
for several reasons
 but the kids did
and they sold every chance
they came in 3rd place in sales 
this year at the school
and won prizes to go with it
the principal sat in the dunking booth
 it was a bit cool out
but the teenage boys dumping  in
 55 gallons of ice surely didn't help
Caleb was the 1st to dunk him!!
Way to go Caleb!!!
Timothy with his bike
 Stonewall has always loved a bike
it had to be Hot Wheels
 Levi on his bike
 Josiah had to have an air soft pistol
my boys like guns
 Caleb and his roller blades
 Hunter and his bike

flip flops
ear rings!!!
So they all got some really great prizes and had a good time too!!


  1. That is so great! Matthias is a HUGE Air Soft fan. He has pistols and I think one automatic :D Boys and toys. Only now, their toys are getting bigger!!! :D

  2. Woohoo! My boys were so excited to help our friends sell chocolate bars at Walmart a couple of weeks ago. They actually did rather well and I was surprised at their lack of shyness. :)



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