Thursday, June 17, 2010

?good night?

Well, this isn't exactly what I call sleeping 
but then again, I'm not nine. 
Notice the mag-lite on the bed
beside his pillow?

Can you guess his favorite team?


  1. That's great. Chick tracts are an ALL-TIME FAVORITE here too :D He's already nine??!! My how I'm not keeping track!! Love you all.

  2. For being nine, he has more wisdom conncerning college football than some adults these days. Go Caleb! =-)

  3. Missing all of the Blackburns..... it is hard to look at all these pictures and see all these little faces.. I have looked all the way back to the hospital days and I can't believe we have come so far down the road I sure love you and I miss you all. Take care!

  4. I have caught my boys trying to read with glowsticks... and old used up glowsticks at that!



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