Friday, March 12, 2010

Boaz' Birthday

Yesterday would have been Silas Boaz' 3rd birthday.
I miss him greatly, some days more than others.
Some days are ok, and some days I miss him so much it is a physical ache.
But my God is still on the throne, He hasn't changed!!!
A few weeks ago I received this beautiful bracelet from some great friends who live in Mississippi.
It says:
The beads are beautiful, and I love the bracelet.
 Not knowing what was in the package when it arrived, 
but knowing these friends,
I was crying before I even got it opened.
It was a thoughtful and timely gift. 
The Lord used these people to be a blessing to me.

On this birthday there were:
no presents to unwrap
no tiny squeals of joy
no blankies to drag around
no turtle to find for nap time
no scooter racing through the house

But there was:
one more blond haired boy in the presence of Jesus Christ
 walkin on the street of gold
and fishing in the crystal sea
or flyin round with the angels
my little man

Sometimes it's hard to think of my little Boaz "being" somewhere. 
It's so easy to see him running through the house, 
chasing his "Sissy" with the mop
with that smile that lit up his whole face
or that very thoughtful look, like he was pondering something
maybe that devious "Scruggs" smirk when he was
about to get into, destroy something,
tease someone, or he was going to run away
 I can imagine him fishing with Bro Hank
listening to the love story of  the Boaz and Ruth
asking about the animals that were on the ark
and sitting in the lap of my Saviour, Jesus Christ



  1. I don't know what to say, Mrs. Karen...but, we sure do care about your family. It makes me sad to know how much you're hurting.

  2. OH Ms. Karen, I love how you put But there was:, that's beautiful!! And fishing with Bro. Hank! Amen. Praise the Lord. That's how we have to remind ourselves about little Silas. Thanks for the reminder,
    Ms. Elsie

  3. You have been on my mind and heart so much lately, Karen.

    (and this is where I keep typing and deleting because there are no words to take your pain away. the thought of Silas celebrating with the One who knitted him and knows him best warms my heart. but thinking about it being away from you, my friend, breaks my heart.)

    Happy Birthday Silas Boaz!!! The day he was born is definitely one to celebrate! :)



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