Saturday, February 27, 2010

hog hunting

Nick took Josiah and Levi hog hunting this week. 
Josiah's 12th birthday was in January and Levi's 10th was in February, 
so this was for their birthday.
I will go ahead and warn you, I saved all the bloody pictures for last. :)

As you can see they are a little excited. 
They have both been hunting before, but it has been a while.
They saw lots of hogs, some very big. 
The first time they pulled up to shoot they were both too excited to pull the trigger.
The next time though, Josiah pulled right up, the hogs were uphill 
so he aimed a little high, got off a perfect shot and stayed calm.
The next morning Levi was ready. 
He missed on his first shot, but did good on his next. 
He shot this one because he liked the colors on it. :)
It doesn't matter to me, they'll taste the same.
 Nick shot one too. His goal was to let the boys shoot one though.
They had an excellent time and cannot wait to shoot something else!!!
And now for the bloody pictures, which do not bother me! 
I grew up going hunting and fishing.
I always baited my own hooks and cleaned my own fish.
Sometimes we hunted with dogs here, and a typical thing to do 
is gut the deer and let the dogs have it.
If that bothers you, maybe you should skip the rest of the post.
   Josiah's was a good heart/lung shot. 
They gutted and skinned the hogs.
  Levi's and Nick's hogs waiting to be tended.
This is what was left of the heart of Nick's hog. 
The blood definitely doesn't bother the boys! ! !
They had a great time and Nick thinks I should go next time. : ) 


  1. Lol! That is definitely not for me. Eeew! Hope they taste good though! =D

    We're excited that we'll be seeing you and the family soon!

    Love in Christ,

  2. What a great adventure for them!

    Hmmm... my boys would love the shooting part but I have no idea how they would handle the blood in reality. They say they'd be okay with it but who knows until it happens?

    Tell them I said CONGRATULATIONS!!! Oh and happy belated birthday!



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