Wednesday, February 24, 2010

sunday meeting

This past weekend we were out of town at a church in Mississippi. The motel we stayed at had an indoor pool, which is normally heated. For some reason the heater wasn't working, but you know children don't care about that. The room was warm though. Truthfully, Nick and I both got in just not for as long as the children. They had an excellent time splashing and dumping buckets of water on one another. Stonewall brought his water gun, for long range vengance!!!  : )                                   The church we were at did a family school, where everyone stays together for sunday school. The pastor taught on..........................................the plagues in Egypt. Can you guess which one he taught on? Yes, the frogs!!! He made it very interactive for the children and kept their attention. He was explaining how there were frogs everywhere; in the beds, bathrooms, get it.  He handed out these stickers for saying the verses correctly, which Josiah did. He walked around while he was teaching. Then, in the middle of the lesson, he starts pulling these frogs out of his pockets and throwing them in everyones laps. They were going all over everyone. In our laps, our hair, on our Bibles, purses, on the floor. I'm sure everyone had several frogs on them. And I can tell you all of those children know what the lesson was about that day. We came home with quite a few frogs, the children all understand that plague very well now.

What interesting thing have you ever done to help people (children or adults) remember a Bible lesson? Or what is something that has helped you remember a lesson?

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  1. sometimes the kids love it if i let them help act out a lesson. the only trick to that is to make sure no one gets carried away. :)



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