Thursday, January 21, 2010

georgia aquarium


  1. It looks like y'all had alot of fun.., I am glad y'all got to get away for a day or so. :)

  2. Naw Ms. Karen, you just need to come up here to the big AK and get on some of our lakes!! For days now we've been watching 3 VEHICLES (with the owners of the vehicles and then some) sit around a drilled hole (forget the crack to worry about, they intentionally put these hole (s) in the ice)or two ON LAKE WASILLA!! I was thinking of pullin my Yukon out and see how the fishin was comin, but we hadn't a moment to spare. It was great to drive by and see though ;) If my camera were working, I'd a taken some pics to show off :D

    It was nice to see your brother. I always hear about him from momma C, now there's a face. Everything looks fun. Love ya'll,

    Ms. Elsie

  3. Mrs. Karen,
    Don't listen to Elsie you don't have to go to Alaska to walk on the ice, just come to michigan. The crazy nuts drive on the ice here to and most of the time our weather is the same as Alaska's BURRRR!!:) Anyway I started a blog its not much yet I have to figure it out still. Its mamajanesfirmfoundation check it out. I love to see all your pictures and once we get moved we will have some too. Love, Angie

  4. Okay Mrs. Karen - let me just say that you are brave and it would have taken a lot of convincing words to talk me in to walking out on the lake - okay, maybe not a lot, but the thought of the water below is "chilling". I am glad to see that you were able to take a little vacation... we would love a vacation, but our goal is to go somewhere a little sunnier than where you went... need I say more? Miss you all! Love seeing the updated pictures!

  5. eek about the ice!

    but that aquarium looks awesome! we have one here in houston but the only time you get to go through the tunnel is when you take the train ride. and you are not in it for very long. completely bummer.

    family time is the best time!



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