Sunday, September 13, 2009

Silas Sunday Naps

On Sunday's Silas doesn't think he is supposed to take a nap.
So, every Sunday when I put him to bed, I find him at the end of his bed.
He sits in front of his "Preacher Bear", and leans on him.
He thinks, surely this will keep me up!
But it isn't long before he's down,
and then OUT!!

For those of you that don't know how Preacher Bear came about.
When Silas got sick and was still here in town,
Bro. Buddy (our preacher), met me at the hospital.
Mrs. Chris (our preacher's wife) came, with Preacher Bear.
Silas and I were headed down the hall to get the CT scan that would change our lives forever!
We took the bear with us, and it went with Silas to every scan afterwards too.
Poor bear probably ought to glow in the dark!!

I just have to brag on my Saviour a bit.
We've had a long road since that first scan,
and I know we're nowhere near the end.
But it sure is good to have my Lord with me every step of the way!

He's still on the Throne, so what could be wrong.
Let the angry winds blow, let the stormy seas roll.
I'm reminded today, thank God I am saved.
Salvation's sweet song, while the ages roll on.
He's still on the Throne!!!


  1. He's so cute!!! =) He looks nice and healthy too.

  2. Yes ma'am. You could post that last paragraph on brother Russell's last post. It's about content therewith. It would fit well with his post. I love you all Ms. Karen.

    Ms. Elsie



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