Thursday, June 18, 2009

To See My Boys

We were able to come home on Wednesday afternoon, from Gainseville. We were there for two and a half weeks this time. We had to wait for Boaz's blood counts to drop, which took a while, then rise. Then they did a stem cell apheresis, they take a certain amount of stem cells and freeze them to give back to him later. This will protect those cells from the harder chemo. He did a lot better this time. He played throughout the chemo, and while I am very thankful, we are learning new ways to keep him content, while his IV line is shorter and he shouldn't leave the room. Every time he heard the helicopter (for the life flight) fly overhead, he'd run to the window trying to see the helicopter. He thought we were supposed to know when that was coming so we could make sure the IV line didn't catch on anything! He did get pretty fussy when his counts dropped, and on those days when we sat in the clinic for 4 -7 hours a day. Its a good thing I taught him to sit through church young, the training is paying off.
We were only in the hospital four days this time. The remainder of the time Paige, Boaz, and I stayed at the Ronald McDonald House. It was a nice break from the hospital! They wouldn't let us come home though, just in case he got a fever and needed care quickly. He got no fevers this time, and needed no extra care. We should be able to do our next few rounds of chemo in Pensacola, at Sacred Heart Children's Hospital. We will be much closer to home, and my other boys!! We met two nice, Christian families while at the RMH.
When we got home, Boaz clapped, squealed, and hugged all his brothers! It was really cute. He was REALLY happy to be home and cried when we had to come inside. Then he remembered he could play inside too!
We are very thankful for all of our friends, even if we don't know you, and your prayers for Silas.


  1. Still praying for you all...
    Love from,
    Mrs. Leanne & family

  2. We have been praying for Silas.
    Hope he does fine Miss Karen



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