Saturday, June 6, 2009

Hunter's K Graduation

On May 23rd we held our graduation ceremonies. That just happened to be the day after we got home from Gainesville. Our Hunter got to walk the isle for his K-5 graduation (we know he's only 4 - we home school, remember!!). I was very excited to be there for it, it was important to him. He actually looks a little nervous doesn't he? Hunter, for those of you that know him, is a very fun, loving, bundle of energy He has a personality all his own. My children are all very different. Sometimes I see something that is the same in two of them, but normally not. It was always a mystery to me how children all raised in the same house could be so different. But, now I see, that they are different from the start. God makes them look different. God also makes them perceive things differently. That makes them BE different people. Of course, now it sounds simple!
U-under & over everything
N-never forgets my hugs at night
T-tumbles with his brothers
R-really makes me smile :)
Having children is great!!

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