Sunday, June 7, 2009

God Is Still On The Throne!!!

We seem to have a different little boy this time! Its no lie. He is actually hooked up to the chemo in the top two pictures. He finished his second round on Friday, the 5th of June. We have learned a few ways to deal with the side effects differently, and so far, he hasn't really had any. He gets a little moody sometimes if I don't realize he's hurting, but that's normal. He had a good time at home too. Here he's washing dishes with Sister. We had all of the normal side effects last time; mouth sores, hair loss, we were told to expect toe and finger tingling, but what we got was a little boy who couldn't stand. I like being told the truth, but sometimes they like to water it down a little. I like to investigate everything, ask lots of questions, and question lots of things. The doctors really don't seem to get aggravated with me. They do have to stop and think sometimes, before they answer me. Sometimes they even change what they're doing. If you don't know something, ask someone who does. If you don't like or believe their answer, study it out until you know what is going on! That's how I am naturally. If you are not, get that way for the sake of your children and yourself. It's our job. Being in the hospital has really opened our eyes to the sad state of moms and dads. I've seen them do lots of things, maybe one day I'll humor you with some stories, but I haven't seen many of them being moms and dads!
Back to little Silas Boaz! We have really enjoyed seeing the surprised look on the faces of the doctors & nurses. The medical staff in the Children's Hospital of UF have been good. We had a good pediatrician this time, Dr. Kenny. Truthfully, I don't even remember the ones from last hospital stay. All of the doctors and nurses that come in our room, or see Silas running down the hall, remark on how well he looks. As God gives us wisdom, I will continue to use it. My God Is Still On The Throne!!!


  1. Praise the Lord! We are glad little Silas is doing so well. We were able to see you all on web cam yesterday. Silas looked like he wanted to jump right through the screen and be there in church. He didn't want to miss anything. (chuckle) What a cutie! We pray things continue to go well. We love you all!

    Lord bless,


  2. Glad to hear he is doing so well! Russell showed me a picture of him on his cell phone yesterday, and I couldn't believe how good he looked! You all are in our prayers.



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