Saturday, December 25, 2010

Dear Boaz,
Mommy sure misses you! Sometimes it's the only thing I can feel. You've been in Heaven over a year now. Knowing where you are doesn't make me miss you less. So many times I wanted to buy you something this past year....just to see your face smile one more time. But I didn't, it would've been for me....not you. Some people think Heaven is all serious and somber...and if it was, I know it's lively with you there. There are so many things I miss about you....everything!
I have an idea for next Christmas for you....for us. I will be able to do something for me...for you...and others will benefit too! You know, I love to say your name. We picked it out, of course, special just for you. We tried quite a few, but none "fit" till we came to Silas Boaz.
Thanks for being such a great little boy! You weren't didn't pout. You had such a good attitude about all the time. Sometimes I had no idea how you were so good, I know I wouldn't have been. We had such great times together. You "bucked up" every time! You were the best buckaroo!
I know I'll always miss you something terrible, but I just wanted to tell you. It's ok with me that you don't miss us, I don't mind at all. I love you little man!
Merry Christmas Boaz! I know your having the best Christmas of all of us.
Love, Mommy

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