Saturday, August 21, 2010

our surprise

We are the happy owners of a camper.
we looked at sooo many
but none were big enough for us :)
*you can laugh*
till we saw this one
and I was pretty sure right away
that this one would be good
a microwave and oven/stovetop
full size fridge!!!!
it took us a bit of work
and I'm still finding places for things
but all of the cabinets closets make that easier
but Elsie was right
it has a large bunk house
four bunks with lots of storage
the boys really like it
a room for Nick and I at the other end
and a big closet
in between is a real bathroom
and a washer/dryer (unbelievable)
we are thrilled
and thanks for being patient
cause that wasn't a few days ;)

we looked, and looked
but when God was ready, 
he showed us the one he was holding for us


  1. Yes! I understand the "looking and looking"!! We've even considered toy hauler's, because there are usually a loft AND a set of full size bunk beds that motorize out of the way. We've also thought of putting in a stackable washer/dryer combo in the toy hauler section. There are usually the capabilities. Anyways, I can talk a long while when it comes to campers :P He he he he. We're thinking about trading ours out when we get to Florida. Okay, well off to bed. Ellery's not home yet tonight. He's off on an 'adventure', as he called it when he called home tonight, with a man from church :D Love ya'll. Praise the Lord for your surprise.

  2. Aww... I am so very excited for you all! I am sure you all will have a great time in that! We traveled in one for five years and I loved every part of it! It is such a wonderful experience! May the Lord bless you as your travel!

  3. BEAUTIFUL! I am so happy for you!

  4. Hip hip hooray! What a blessing!

    A washer/dryer and a full size fridge? Wow. That is wonderful!!!

  5. Looks great Ms. Karen! Reminds me a lot of ours... Love ya'll!

  6. wow!!! so is this something that u r going to live in and travel in?? or just for vacationing?? I would say that might even hold our family!!! I did not know they made em' that big!!!! How wonderful!!!!!




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