Monday, October 12, 2009

Back to the Hospital !

Sorry for the lack in updating the blog, Karen's computer is down ( it really needs a bullet) and I have been busy with ministry things, so here we go. Silas was readmitted to the hospital Friday the 9Th of October. He has had bad swelling in his right arm from the elbow down half-way to his wrist. The swelling has been fevered and bothersome to Silas. His Pediatrician, and other Specialists have determined he has a bad bone infection. They have put Silas on 14 days of intravenous antibiotics. One huge blessing is the infection is not in his blood. Silas' Pediatrician also has ordered his vitamin bags so he can continue his regular treatments. That is tremendous relief to Karen and I. Thank you to all who continue to pray Silas is doing well despite the small setbacks.

P.S. I will put updated pictures of Silas later this evening. NB

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  1. How's everyone doing??? Wondering and praying as the Lrod brings to mind.




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