Thursday, August 27, 2009

Urgent Request

Silas had a doctor appointment on Wednesday with the pediatrician. We were surprised to find he has gained over seven pounds. It was a blessing!
Also, the doctor didn't realize he did have metastatic growth in his left leg. Now that he knows that, he and the radiologist would like to do a scan with contrast. It is scheduled for Monday morning. We are praying that it shows the tumors on the inside have gone down, like we can see has happened on the outside. We wanted to wait until it had been three months for scans. The doctor, though, needs to rule out potential problems to figure out what is wrong with his leg/foot.
Please pray with us about this scan. As soon as we get results from this scans, I will be posting.


  1. We are praying for the whole family, but especially that these tests will show good results. We are keeping track of what is going on even though we don't often get to comment. Please tell everyone in your family that we said "hello" and really miss them. Keep us informed.

  2. My family is praying for him.
    Tell everyone hi.
    The One M

  3. Yes ma'am! Praying praying. Thank you for keeping us all updated. It's amazing what the Lord is doing with this precious little baby. I know that for me, the Lord has brought me to my knees in prayer more, and it's reminded of my lack of prayer in many other areas as well. So my head bows much more than it has ever before. Love you all. Hugs to you all!

    Ms. Elsie



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