Saturday, November 24, 2012

November 1st ~

November 1st is always a bit hard. 
Maybe not the day itself, but the days surrounding it,
the thoughts surrounding it, 
the memories of that day. 
This November 1st we went to the beach.
We all took balloons
We wrote messages to Boaz on them. 
Whatever we wanted, 
it could be shared or private, 
grief is different for everyone.

The boys ran around and played while we all finished.
Then we all released our balloons
our messages to our Silas Boaz
the best little brother in the world
Paige's buggy
my little man
Daddy's boy
Stonewall's very best friend
the most favorite brother
maybe because we knew he'd be the last
but probably because he was special
from the very beginning.
I took that yellow balloon
and wrote till I ran out of room
then I let it go...

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